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When the One liner isn't a joke

When the one-liner isn’t a jokeone liners

Whenever simple solutions are proposed to address complex questions, alarm bells should start ringing. In the last year, the likes of Trump in the U.S. and Nigel Farage
in the UK have successfully wooed electorates with populist messages that are big on rhetoric, but scant on detail.

Cow Milk Alternatives

Back in the 1950s, cow’s milk was considered to be even better than the newly introduced sliced bread. From nursery to school yard the benefits of milk consumptiondiarycow were drilled into youngsters. In those days it was not uncommon for some kids to slug the cream off the top of the milk, much to the annoyance of parents. A blind eye was usually turned to such indiscretions as milk was thought to be beneficial. To this day there is still regret among some older folk that the pasteurisation process has a lot to answer for! But for as many kids who liked milk, others hated it, some even reacted to it with bloating, but in a time when little was known about allergic reactions to milk proteins, there was seemingly no case to answer. If that weren't enough, some schools would sit the product in the sun for a few hours to warm it up!

Into the Crystal Ball

New Zealand Government predicting the future

The Government recently announced that it would be raising the age of eligibility for superannuation. The Retirement Commissioner, Diane Maxwell
has openly supported the move saying that by 2061 there will be 1.5 million people over 65 and therefore proposed a slow roll-out of increased eligibility.

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