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Pompous Pom!

Brilliant win Emirates Team New Zealand, the result speaks for itself. Incredibly proud!

Alas, Stevie Morrison, former Olympic sailor and now commentator for BT Sport tried to muscle in on the success!morrison Just as the Emirates Team New Zealand entourage arrived back at shore, Morrison with mic in hand, pushed Peter Burling to one side to grab one of the team's designers who just happened to be British. He made comments suggesting that due to this man's involvement, the British should take some credit for winning the cup and asked the guy if he would now be leaving the Kiwi syndicate to join the British entry. Given that party was in full swing and the awards ceremony hadn't yet taken place, this was ill-timed, inappropriate and cringe-worthy. It displays just how desperate the British are to attach themselves in any-which-way they can to the success of others.

Morrison you're a plonker!

(Posted this on The Guardian sailing page in answer to the whingers!)

It is hugely positive that so many glamorous sports are patronised by the extremely wealthy. For example, few public or accountable bodies could justify spending megabucks on sailboat racing, yet billionaires seemingly can’t help themselves.

This is great not only for sailing but horse racing and motorsport to name just three. It allows us all, from time to time to enjoy a bit of excitement as spectators. But here’s the rub. Most sports participants who hit the big time come from ordinary backgrounds. A desire to learn and participate in a sporting discipline has far more currency than a rich daddy!

So stop whingeing about the super- wealthy, just do your bit to help them spend!

Gorilla in the mist

As the creationists would say: Any similarity with human behaviour is coincidental!

Culpable Homicide - a betrayal of trust

Most human activity requires a degree of “trust.”  We trust our car is safe after being serviced, we trust that public transport will get us to our destination safely (notwithstanding the fact we know things go wrong from time to time). Nevertheless, we trust our local garage or the transport operator to do everything possible to ensure safety.

Parents in Grenfell Tower on Tuesday night put their beloved children to bed, safe in the knowledge that the building owners and management had done everything possible to ensure the building was safe.  Nonetheless, the powers that be deliberately clad the building in a flammable product, one that had shown severe flammable tendencies in a high rise fire in Camberwell back in 2009. Worse still, they attached the cladding with wooden battens and literally turned the homes of 120 families into an incinerator.

Grenfell Tower - A Symbol

The charred image of Grenfell Tower symbolises the sad current state of Great Britain.grenfell

This is not a time to seek political leverage, nonetheless similarities to the 2009 Lakanal house fire in Camberwell cannot be ignored. Both buildings had similar flammable, exterior cladding.  Of particular interest is timing. The fitting of the Grenfell Tower cladding took place several years after the Lakanal House fire. To make matters worse, according to residents the cladding was attached to the building with wooden battens!

The universal instruction when a fire occurs is to exit the building in an orderly fashion and do not re-enter, however the residents of Grenfell house were told to return to their apartments if the fire was not in their part of the building.

Day from Hell for Brits

There’s an old Australian joke that asks, What is 200 feet long and beautiful? Yes, a boatload of Poms going home!

The British Lions have been here for 10 days, but it seems like forever. Howlers from the British sports media covering the rugby do little to endear:

It has started raining, which will help the home side.

Sonny Bill Williams is trying to convince everyone he’s scored a try. – Try awarded.

Although the score-line doesn’t reflect it, The Lions are playing well.

Mental Health Funding

No matter how bad or ugly an experience may have been, somewhere, somehow later on in life the past empowers!

John Campbell of Checkpoint recently reported the health system’s woeful treatment of young people with post-traumatic stress disorder. Many young victims of Christchurch earthquakes are unable to access mental health services. Superficially, the authorities say they are doing all they can, but in truth they seem insufficiently motivated, despite escalating youth suicides.

Dairy Robberies, the myth goes up in smoke!

Dairy robberies in south Auckland have become an almost daily occurrence. More concerning is the level of gratuitous violence that accompanies attacks, much of which is captured on CCTV footage. Police express dismay at the sheer viciousness of attacks where victims are subjected to repeated beatings and kicking’s long after they have submitted.

Let the Message Speak!

This website exists to showcase articles written in recent times. Whether or not these works are read is of less importance than placing them on blog sites riddled with slavish political allegiance.Anthropomorphic Trumpet Playing Cat Intelligent debate does not require identifying a writer’s political allegiance or indulge in tedious personal comments to lend weight to whatever cause is being pursued.
Just let the message speak for itself and leave it for others to judge

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