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Mental Health Funding

No matter how bad or ugly an experience may have been, somewhere, somehow later on in life the past empowers!

John Campbell of Checkpoint recently reported the health system’s woeful treatment of young people with post-traumatic stress disorder. Many young victims of Christchurch earthquakes are unable to access mental health services. Superficially, the authorities say they are doing all they can, but in truth they seem insufficiently motivated, despite escalating youth suicides.

Dairy Robberies, the myth goes up in smoke!

Dairy robberies in south Auckland have become an almost daily occurrence. More concerning is the level of gratuitous violence that accompanies attacks, much of which is captured on CCTV footage. Police express dismay at the sheer viciousness of attacks where victims are subjected to repeated beatings and kicking’s long after they have submitted.

Let the Message Speak!

This website exists to showcase articles written in recent times. Whether or not these works are read is of less importance than placing them on blog sites riddled with slavish political allegiance.Anthropomorphic Trumpet Playing Cat Intelligent debate does not require identifying a writer’s political allegiance or indulge in tedious personal comments to lend weight to whatever cause is being pursued.
Just let the message speak for itself and leave it for others to judge

Into the Crystal Ball

New Zealand Government predicting the future crystalBall1

The Government recently announced that it would be raising the age of eligibility for superannuation. The Retirement Commissioner, Diane Maxwell has openly supported the move saying that by 2061 there will be 1.5 million people over 65 and therefore proposed a slow roll-out of increased eligibility.

Now, before she scares everyone into apoplexy, cast your minds back forty-four years and look at what life was like in 1973. It was very different to today where workforces had a far more labour-intensive component. This was the analogue era with typewriters, snail mail, LPs and turntables. There was no internet, computers were rare, in fact everything required far more physical input than today. Vehicles lacked electronic management systems, there was no such thing as ABS, crumple zones or airbag technology. Compared to today cars were primitive. The last four decades has seen technology advance so rapidly that driver-less cars are just around the corner. The notion of the internet, mobile phones, WiFi, webcams were in the realm of science-fiction in 1973. Thus, it begs the question whether Diane Maxwell possesses a clairvoyant ability to predict how our workforce will be structured in 2061! 

This is particularly interesting when considering retirement age eligibility. In 2017, persons over 65 are unlikely to find employment save for voluntary work. Employees in all walks of life are now required to be computer savvy, in fact most job opportunities require online applications. As folk age, the less inclined they are towards adapting to evolving technology. Of course, the Commissioner would argue that most 65 year old’s would be in existing employment, but the acid test is whether they would be recruitable.

When the One liner isn't a joke

When the one-liner isn’t a jokeone liners

Whenever simple solutions are proposed to address complex questions, alarm bells should start ringing. In the last year, the likes of Trump in the U.S. and Nigel Farage
in the UK have successfully wooed electorates with populist messages that are big on rhetoric, but scant on detail.

Cow Milk Alternatives

Back in the 1950s, cow’s milk was considered to be even better than the newly introduced sliced bread. From nursery to school yard the benefits of milk consumptiondiarycow were drilled into youngsters. In those days it was not uncommon for some kids to slug the cream off the top of the milk, much to the annoyance of parents. A blind eye was usually turned to such indiscretions as milk was thought to be beneficial. To this day there is still regret among some older folk that the pasteurisation process has a lot to answer for! But for as many kids who liked milk, others hated it, some even reacted to it with bloating, but in a time when little was known about allergic reactions to milk proteins, there was seemingly no case to answer. If that weren't enough, some schools would sit the product in the sun for a few hours to warm it up!

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