Why N Korea, China and Cuba are not chasing the Auld Mug!

(Posted this on The Guardian sailing page in answer to the whingers!)

It is hugely positive that so many glamorous sports are patronised by the extremely wealthy. For example, few public or accountable bodies could justify spending megabucks on sailboat racing, yet billionaires seemingly can’t help themselves.

This is great not only for sailing but horse racing and motorsport to name just three. It allows us all, from time to time to enjoy a bit of excitement as spectators. But here’s the rub. Most sports participants who hit the big time come from ordinary backgrounds. A desire to learn and participate in a sporting discipline has far more currency than a rich daddy!

So stop whingeing about the super- wealthy, just do your bit to help them spend!

Last modified on Monday, 26 June 2017 14:46

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