Pompous Pom!

Brilliant win Emirates Team New Zealand, the result speaks for itself. Incredibly proud!

Alas, Stevie Morrison, former Olympic sailor and now commentator for BT Sport tried to muscle in on the success!morrison Just as the Emirates Team New Zealand entourage arrived back at shore, Morrison with mic in hand, pushed Peter Burling to one side to grab one of the team's designers who just happened to be British. He made comments suggesting that due to this man's involvement, the British should take some credit for winning the cup and asked the guy if he would now be leaving the Kiwi syndicate to join the British entry. Given that party was in full swing and the awards ceremony hadn't yet taken place, this was ill-timed, inappropriate and cringe-worthy. It displays just how desperate the British are to attach themselves in any-which-way they can to the success of others.

Morrison you're a plonker!

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