Generation X Obsession

drfosterI recently watched the final episode of Doctor Foster on TV One. While the plot may have stretched the limits of credibility in pursuit of good drama, the finale pulled together a brilliant summation of modern life and its pitfalls.

The two main characters were a divorced couple (with a teenaged son) who focused their energies on destroying one another. The two madly busy, upwardly mobile Generation Xers stumbled from one confrontation to the next, paying little heed to the effects their obsessional behaviour was having on a son torn between parents.

The writers very cleverly depicted self-absorbed paths of destruction which led to oblivion. So busy sticking knives in one another, they failed to acknowledge the damage their behaviour was having on their son, a mere pawn in a bigger game. They lacked sufficient empathy to acknowledge the pain and humiliation of their son. Eventually, the boy Tom reached breaking point and disappeared into the ether, becoming a missing person statistic.

Thus, “Doctor Foster” is an important piece of drama that crystalizes the incredible selfishness of modern society.

From a lonely vantage point of old-age, I silently observe - as successive generations plan their lives down to a millisecond. They place strict time limits on social interaction when they have “bigger” things afoot. Even worse, it has become fashionable to accept multiple invites for the same evening then decide at the last minute which one to go with. A generation ago such people were regarded as unworthy “flakes,” but nowadays it’s become the way life is. Generally, life seems to be all about “me” and what absorbs “me” at a given moment in time, regardless of the effort put in by those snubbed, albeit a dinner party or a group outing.

Frenetic planning into the future rarely factors-in recognition of the here and now. Life these days is obsessional about how wonderful tomorrow is going to be and how miserable yesterday was. Alas, the here and now is where life really happens. It is where children and old folk can be found observing  today’s breadwinners racing themselves into oblivion.

The here and now is a summation of all we humans actually possess. The past and the future are perceptions that don’t truly exist. Maybe if the high-flyers of today paid just a little more attention to what is happening around them at any given moment of time, they would enjoy the amazing talent of youth, the wisdom of the elderly and just might, if they were to spend enough time in the real world, get to smell the incredible fragrance of a rose.

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