Julie Carter Verse



Ageing Chains

The chains of ageing are shackled to my limbs

They drag behind my every move

As each month passes the chains grow longer

The manacles bite deep, the pain gets stronger

But somehow I'll manage, I'll grin and bear it

For today is as good as it gets

The Valedictory

The candle burns low, the shadow grows long

I harbour no fears that soon I'll be gone

Once there were days of dreaming and hope

Now it's a day at a time, I struggle to cope

A glorious existence upon life's great stage

Replaced by a cage that's labelled 'old age.'

I've enjoyed my time and lived to the full

Not always obeying life's golden rules

I've worried too much about those who don't care

Forgetting my friends who are always there

There's Tony and Joyce who continue to be

The lights of my life to eternity.

To my relatives I say, good luck and farewell

When in truth I know they would see me in hell

An affinity to animals is my lesson in life

Of love unconditional in trouble and strife

My bags are packed, the insurance is paid

Farewell dear friends I'm off to the grave!

End of Life Reflections

My reality is but an illusion

There is no black and white

Just a kaleidoscope of colours

That illuminate my world

Quirky cars, singing dogs, A Feline Fantasy

Keep me insulated from reality

And so to home for the final lap

To re-engage with the ocean

I'll keep my head while others around me ….

And take each step as it comes

Every sunrise is a blessing

Each sunset a joy

The clock is ticking and I must go

The same as I came in

Nothing wasted, nothing stashed

For tomorrow is eternal

The only regret I leave behind

Is so many, dear sweet friends

And a son who maybe cares

Julie Carter


Off to the cremator I will go

With a hey nonny nonny

And a hey nonny no

No miserable graveyard will I lie

Nor dreary headstone to mark the spot

Just ashes to ashes

Dust to dust

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