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Posted by Meme Dealer on Monday, May 21, 2018
Happy World Sea Turtle Day!

Did you know that sea turtles can live just as long as humans? Thanks to the lifesaving work of Humane Society International - India, olive ridley sea turtles have a chance to do just that. Let’s shell-ebrate and WATCH to see how! #WorldSeaTurtleDay

Posted by Humane Society International on Saturday, June 16, 2018
Written by Julie Carter, performed by Shelley Akuhata, to honour The Rohingya People

Rohingya Plight

Man's Inhumanity to Man


Rogue Leaders

netanyahutrump headerpic

Suu Kyiadolf   BASTARDS!

I want to draw attention to the fact that Trump's move to expel "non-citizens" has spread globally, Netanyahu in Israel is deporting 40,000 refugees and Myanmar has forced more than a million Rohingyas over the border into Myanmar. Not only are these countries following Trump's lead, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi has included the term "fake news" in direct reference to the Rohingya, despite the fact that a million desperate souls have been forced to flee into Bangladesh.

A Million Rohingyas may die if sent back to Myanmar


Have just watched a CNN doco about the plight of the Rohingya people. There is suffering in this world, but NOTHING compares to the hell of being on the wrong end of ethnic cleansing. More than a million souls have been displaced into Bangladesh literally with the clothes they stand and were raped in. One woman had a child torn from her which was thrown on the fire before she was raped by a Burmese bastard. Forget about sideshow Trump, let's try at least to get some clothes to these people to give them some dignity. Anyone interested in doing something?



Fox News takes a hammering over Trump

Watch this video

Maybe this is the beginning of the end for Trump. Fox News has maintained an impenetrable wall around the president and diverts attention away from him when he makes inappropriate comments. The alternative target is usually Hillary Clinton and her emails. They can only do this for so long. The question Fox will be asking itself, is how long can they cling to a sinking ship, before the vessel drags them down with it. When their staffers are made to look idiots due to overwhelming evidence, the future of Fox News as a credible right wing voice is in jeopardy. Even worse is the fact that Trump makes decisions on what he sees on Fox News.



In a lonely moment recently, I phoned a neighbour suggesting we meet-up for a coffee. She replied:

"It won't be next week as the grandchildren are off from school 
and at this stage Monday or Tuesday the following week look a bit busy.
"So What about Wednesday week around lunchtime?”

My reply was thus, ’I was thinking in about ten minutes or so, ah but never mind.”

The focus of my energies for 2018


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