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drfosterI recently watched the final episode of Doctor Foster on TV One. While the plot may have stretched the limits of credibility in pursuit of good drama, the finale pulled together a brilliant summation of modern life and its pitfalls.

The two main characters were a divorced couple (with a teenaged son) who focused their energies on destroying one another. The two madly busy, upwardly mobile Generation Xers stumbled from one confrontation to the next, paying little heed to the effects their obsessional behaviour was having on a son torn between parents.

The writers very cleverly depicted self-absorbed paths of destruction which led to oblivion. So busy sticking knives in one another, they failed to acknowledge the damage their behaviour was having on their son, a mere pawn in a bigger game. They lacked sufficient empathy to acknowledge the pain and humiliation of their son. Eventually, the boy Tom reached breaking point and disappeared into the ether, becoming a missing person statistic.

Thus, “Doctor Foster” is an important piece of drama that crystalizes the incredible selfishness of modern society.

Balancing the upsides and downsidesdark
Not much in nature or science is totally beneficial or totally detrimental. There are upsides and downsides to everything. Many downsides don’t even register on the radar, but being uninformed is no longer adequate in a world that is destructing before our very eyes.
With a new Labour led government, there couldn’t be a more opportune time for Kiwis to push for far more consumer product transparency. Until recent times, major corporates had little difficulty in concealing less palatable aspects of their operations, but with the advent of social media era nothing is secret anymore.
To make informed decisions, consumers need to be alerted to potential harms via packaging information. Harm is a very broad term, but it could range from the known downsides of added sugar in food to animal testing of cosmetics. 



Forty-four years ago, I visited a casino in England where a lone gunman armed with 2 hand guns murdered 7 people. I was fortunate to have been in the function room rather than the gaming room when an aggrieved (big roller) punter went on the rampage.


Amazing how Samsung delved back 50 years to find the right song for their phone Ad. The phone represents the latest technology, the song is beautifully sung by Rufus Wainwright and John Lennon's message is eternal.


Today I lost it!

After weeks of hearing people tell me they were too busy or too tired to interact with me, I exploded in despair. Most of the individuals I endured had recently sought my help, but once they'd extracted what they wanted, they didn’t want to know.  After accepting my help, advice and hospitality, they truly believed they could discard me like a food wrapper.

Beach Bar

A holiday project for a Rotorua family

A day out at the Botanical Gardens, Manurewa for 2 of my favourite people.



A Feline Fantasy is a story about a community of independent felines. Click HERE to view single page reader

This piece was written in 2015 prior to President Trump's nomination. Click HERE to view.

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